Website Wednesday

If you were at the State of the College address (and listening) you heard Metoyer mention the Mayor’s Data Portal (brief aside: up until about 8 minutes ago, I think my favorite name for “mouth” was “pie-hole.” But there’s a new sheriff in town, and it’s “Data Portal.” Imagine the possibilities: “Shut your data portal!” or “Stick that in your data portal and smoke it!” or “Stifle that portal!” or “Suck that data right back up into its portal!” I mean they’re all great and likely to give you that 10 second processing silence, which grants command of the floor. I can’t wait to use it!).

I assume that was his way of suggesting that it should be this week’s Website, and so it is.

You can have tons of fun on it, even if you don’t know Excel. There are sets of crime statistics there, alongside CTA data, and real estate stuff like landmarks.

Lots of education stuff, too. Plus, they have everyone’s Performance Metrics, too (including one of ours here, which is really, really interesting. To wit, I find it fascinating that there’s a consistent difference between the fall pass rates and the spring pass rates for remedial students (I don’t know how to do a T test, but I’d guess it’s a statistically significant difference); and I think it’s really interesting to notice that in spring of 2011 we (CCC) had more students pass a credit course than we had enrolled in credit courses in Fall 2000, Spring 2001, and Fall 2001 while the pass rates for all four of those semesters were (just about) identical. I mean I know 7% is sexier for the politics, but it’d be nice to see someone toss that stat about a bit, maybe along side one about how much less funding we’re getting from the state now than we were back then when the coffers were flush. You know–one of those doing more with less kind of stories? Would that be too much to ask? Anyway, I digress).

It is a GREAT way to procrastinate away a few hours.

Have fun with it. Tell them you heard it straight from your VPs Data Portal!