Halfway Through Poetry Month

Perhaps you’d like to take a small break from reading poetry, and read someone writing about poetry.

If so, check this out; I found it really interesting. And just yesterday (after listening to this story), I had an urge to pull Walt Whitman off the shelf and spend some time with him this weekend. After reading this, it’s a practical certainty (good lord willing and the creek don’t rise).

And if that doesn’t tempt you, check out this little piece on Lucille Clifton, who is equally (though differently) awesome.

This Week’s Poetry Site

As I sort of implied last week, I’m going to feature a Poetry Web site every Monday in April since April is National Poetry Month and the world needs more poetry in it.

You can travel the world on the World Wide Web, but you can find some great local stuff, too. This week’s featured Poetry site is a local production, hosted by the Poetry Foundation. You might remember them as being a relatively tiny group, putting together a successful enough, but relatively unknown journal dedicated to poetry, when a woman named Ruth Lilly bequeathed a boat load of money on them five years ago.

Their site is a treasure trove of delights, including my own personal favorite area called According to a Poetry Everywhere and a list of upcoming poetry events in Chicago. According to a letter from their President, the Foundation will break ground this spring for new, permanent digs right here in Chicago. We are, and likely will be, lucky to have them. Check it out.