Friday Spotlight: President John Metoyer

UPDATE: I’m going to turn this weekend into Metoyer-Palooza, and stick this to the top of the page for the weekend to encourage more postings of gratitude. Plus, that way, I won’t have to hear Art bellyachin’ on Monday about the pace of the postings…

Today is John’s last weekday serving as our President.

Since he took up the reigns after the abrupt and heart-breaking departure of (our beloved) John Wozniak, last August, only a few weeks after being promoted Vice President (upon Saundra Banyard’s retirement* Cecilia’s departure), John M has managed to navigate difficult and turbulent waters with grace, aplomb, wit, and honesty.

Thrust onto the stage of institutional leadership, John performed flawlessly, as if he’d been doing it for years.

I have and will continue to appreciate his honesty, his integrity, and, of course, his hilarious sense of humor.

Thanks for being our President John, and thanks for being such a great one for the students by being a great one for us, your fellow faculty members.

*h/t to Jenny A for the correction. Sorry.