Tenure Project Help

Please announce this to your classes for Rachel Iannantuoni (Speech/Theater):

Hello faculty,

I am creating an independent study program for students interested in careers in the arts/business, focused on helping them obtain internships while still in school, and am holding an information session this Thursday for interested students.  Please share the attached flier with your students – I’ve also copied the relevant info into this email, if you’d rather forward this to your classes.  Thanks for your help!

Are you interested in a career in the arts, advertising, or business?
An internship can be excellent preparation for success, helping you:
Þ     Build your resume
Þ    Gain real-world professional experience
Þ    Make important professional connections
Þ    Learn what talent agents, casting directors, producers, and other professionals in the entertainment world really do
Þ    Discover, if a career in show business is for you
Come find out about a new program at HWC designed to help you get an internship in the highly competitive field of show business:
Information session on Thursday Sept 6, 3pm, Room 608
Questions? Contact Rachel Sledd Iannantuoni: riannantuoni@ccc.edu, 312-342-6226


Rachel Sledd Iannantuoni

Instructor, Speech and Theatre
Harold Washington College
30 E. Lake Street
Chicago, IL 60601

How Not to Give a Speech

I will give $1 to the first person who successfully uses this video in their class and describes that use here for the benefit of the rest of us, including student reaction to it.

For the record, I am neither posting it to make a political statement nor to make any statement about the politics of the speaker; I am posting it because it is both hilarious and a really, really bad speech (in my humble). Enjoy!

h/t to Armen Sarrafian for the link