More Things to Think About

I was checking out Leiter Reports (a philosophy blog) last week and saved a pointer to a post on “Five Things Professors Should Know about Students with Disabilities. I checked it out and liked what it had to say, so I planned to post it today, and then when I returned to it, I found two more interesting posts–one from a friend and professor of the author of the first piece, and a second that is a follow-up bit of advice for professors about nervous students.

I liked them all, so here they are:

~“Five Things Professors Should Know (about students with disabilities)

~The pointer from Leiter Reports

~A Professor’s response (advice from the other side of the desk)

~“Six Things All Scared Students Should Know”


ELL Learners–Yes, It Takes a Village

A reminder about some keys to success for English Language Learning students; nothing earth shattering here, but it’s good to remember and keep in mind this large group of (often) quiet and, according to some of our Institutional Assessment data (specifically from the Diversity Attitudes Survey of 2004), often forgotten/ignored (or worse) in the General Education classes.

Check it out.

Poll and Survey Reminders

UPDATE: Ummm….sorry. I misread what Chris wanted in the post from CAST. We’re supposed to LOOK at the survey and give him comments. Not take it. A revised version will be posted/distributed in the next day or two. You should complete THAT one. Sorry. Reading is FUN-damental!!

Just in case you haven’t had the chance yet, please be sure to visit the post from CAST and complete review and make any comments/revisions on the survey on the District Wide Faculty Development Week. The survey takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to fill out, but will be really valuable for planning next year’s events.

Also, there’s a poll on last Saturday’s “Think, Know, Prove” post about the Lounge that will affect how we organize posts related to the Reinvention process. Check it out here, and please vote your conscience. It takes about 4 seconds.

Thanks in advance for your participation.