Friday Spotlight: Rosie Banks

Friday Spotlight will be a regular feature in which we highlight a member  of our HWC faculty, staff, or admin through a Q&A session. After responding, our member then has to “tag” another member of our community in order to keep the spotlight feature active. Check your CCC mailbox. You may be next!

This week we are placing Rosie Banks in the spotlight.
[Yay! You go girl!]
She’s a sweetheart from the English/Speech Department. You know, that one faculty member on the 6th floor with the great attitude, fantastic smile and a passion for teaching?  Yeah, now you know…

Q: Tell us, how you arrived at HWC?
A: Perspective #1: In the now rather distant past, I walked to the Metra Electric in Hyde Park, rode it to the Randolph Street Station, and walked the remainder of the way.  In the not so distant past, I walked to the Bryn Mawr Red Line station, rode to State & Lake, and walked directly to the building.  Now, I drive to a nifty (read: inexpensive) lil parking garage and walk about 5-6 blocks east.

Perspective #2:  I came to HWC after a year or so of adjunct teaching at Olive-Harvey and Roosevelt University.  There was a CCC-wide job fair at Malcolm X, and I took a chance and submitted my application.  One thing led to another, and here I am. . .

Q: What are your educational goals?
A: Right now, my goal is simply to complete my dissertation and earn my long-awaited Ph.D. from U of C.

Q: What do you enjoy doing when you are not teaching?
A: This actually feels like a very huge question for me. Hmmm, the top five (in no particular order) would be
1) working on the diss (once I get started, it’s really fun, and I don’t want to stop.),
2) reading novels,
3) hanging out with family and friends – playing cards or other board games, dancing, trail-walking, etc.,
4) traveling, and
5) practicing hot yoga!!!

Q: If there is ONE book/movie/song that everyone should read/watch/listen, what is it and why?
A: There’s a part of me that resists the notion that there’s anything that everyone should read/watch/listen, but . . . The first book that comes to mind is Milan Kundera’s Slowness. I read the novella as a darkly humorous reflection on human nature, human foibles, and modern life.  While not at all heavy or moralistic, its observations about our obsession with speed and how that obsession affects the quality of our relationships, the depth and subtlety of our communications, and the clarity of our own self-awareness really resonate with me. Of course, I totally made it sound heavy and moralistic just now . .

Q: Is there a food you would push a loved one out of the way to eat?
hmmm, if we’re talking the last spoonfuls of dishes only served during the holidays and if previous efforts to secure take-home portions have failed and if we’ve all had a first helping, I might ever-so-gently nudge my dear loved one in the direction of another dish while I enjoy cornbread dressing or banana pudding. . .

Q: Let’s keep this spotlight going. Who’s next?
A: Bold choice: John Metoyer. Not-so-bold, but still cool choice: Carrie Nepstad

Fantastic. Thank you Rosie!

If you have any comment or questions for Rosie, leave a reply. If you’d like to know more about the English, Speech, and Theatre Department, click here.