Meet and Greet Reminder

Remember that the Meet and Greet is Wednesday, and TODAY is the deadline for RSVPing about Food or money for food.

What’s the meet and greet you say?

[This year’s HWC Faculty Meet & Greet will be on]Wednesday, March 28th, 2-5pm in room 1115. As usual, we look forward to meeting any new faculty and encourage everyone to stop by! Music will be provided by the first one who gets to the audio jack with their IPOD/MP3 Playlist.

Some games will be available and if there is enough interest, a Words With Friends competition! Potential topics of conversation for the event: March Madness, Spring Break Destinations and the usual investigatory conversations about who is the Realist!

Food, like paper, is no longer provided for College activities, so we are asking those who are interested to bring their specialty dishes or contribute to a fund for cheese/fruit platters.

Please RSVP to Rachel by Mon, March 26th regarding whether you would like to bring a dish to share or contribute to our cash food fund–contact new faculty member Rachel Iannantouni:, ext. 5616.

For more general information please contact Jenny Armendarez at, ext. 5898.

From FC4–District Wide Faculty Council Emergency Meeting

Julius Nadas sent an email with the above title to HWFC President Rosie Banks, who forwarded it to the rest of us:

Faculty Council is concerned about our reduced role in district policy decisions.

FC4 has called a district wide meeting of all interested faculty to be held on:

Friday March 11, at Malcolm X College,  in Room 2616  from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

at which we will discuss control of the class-room environment – targeting faculty involvement in academic policies. We are concerned about faculty morale, have a low confidence in the status of joint governance, and are not happy about various other issues. We want to investigate how best to fight the imposition of a business model on academic decisions.

Please relay this invitation to all full time faculty at your college and ask them to RSVP by March 4th to: Julius Nadas, secretary of FC4, at

Thank you,