DWFDW2: What’s the good word?

Lookin’ at my summer calendar, I see that we are weeks, if not days away from DWFDW2. This here post will be a once-a-week feature between now and then in order to have an open line of communication. If you have questions or updates, please post here.

Lookin’ through my emails, it looks like we are in pretty good shape for next week. Former peep, Mike Davis (a current mice-chancellor) sent us a DWFDW2 link. Check it out and start charting your sessions. BTW, I appreciate the chancellor’s tone in her message to the faculty. I think I can work with her words. On the flip side, I am still perplexed/befuddled/bemused by the ‘Gallery Walk’ ’cause I thought we were implementing changes. I was lookin’ forward to doin’ some reinvention readin’ this summer.

As of Tuesday night (yesterday), former peep, John Metoyer, (current interim VP) has announced that the full HWC FDW schedule will be provided today (Wednesday). If I can, I’ll update the post to reflect his next message.

On a side note, it looks like we’ve got some changes comin’ to early registration week. I have to say I am delighted to see these changes and even more delighted to read the rationale for these changes. What can I say other than ‘it’s about time!’ we took a step in the right direction. I’ll take the slow down this semester if it means setting precedent for the semesters that follow. “Helping students through the self-service process will nurture self-reliance.” Amen to that John!

On one final side note, I’m openly askin’ PhiloDave if we can keep a post running all of next week for DWFDW2 and a post running the following week for Early Enrollment. I think we could all benefit from discussing the good, the bad (and this could be good bad as in “you did some bad time on that quick enroll you gots to show me how you did it!” or bad bad as in “that’s bad to see all those sections closed this early!”), and the ugly of these two weeks that build momentum towards the official start of the semester in the classroom on August 22nd. I always feel like these 10 days come and go and we never reflect on them like we do on the 16 weeks of teaching.

Thanks for readin’ peeps. This is the last you’ll hear from me about DWFDW2. See y’all next week at MX and HWC!