BlogRoll Additions?

Perhaps you’ve noticed the BlogRoll to the right. Maybe you’ve even clicked on a couple to see what’s there.

What’s there, right now, are some of the blogs and Web sites that I look at semi-regularly and have found helpful to my teaching (or thinking about my teaching). There are some general ones, there, but some philosophy-specific sites, too.

What other sites should we have there?

I ask because I think it would be cool (and helpful) to have a site to go to if I want to find out what Historians or Mathematicians or Child Psychologists or Biologists are talking about amongst themselves.

And it’s a big ol’ Web. Post a comment with your favorite discipline specific or teaching general sites, and I’ll put a link up in the Blog roll so everyone can go there, too, now and then…

UPDATE (3/24): If you want to post sites in the comments (please do, please do), limit yourself to two per comment, even if that means posting multiple comments. Otherwise the filter will mark them as Spam. If that happens, no worries, I can save them and approve them, but it may take a day or so for me find them. Feel free to put up multiple comments, though!