Website Wednesday

This one is, easily, my favorite find of the last 8 weeks–once I saw how it worked, I snorted. So awesome.

Imagine that some person you know asks you a question that s/he could easily find out themselves by taking 30 or 40 seconds out of their time (rather than yours) and typing a term or two into Google.

Well, if you’re in a playful (or snarky) mood, you should go HERE. It’s called “Let me google that for you” and it looks almost exactly like the google page. There’s one difference, though. The page creates a Screencast of your actions, so that after typing in your term and getting your results, you are show a link which you can then copy and send to your friend.

When your friend clicks on the link, s/he will see the words being typed into the search bar and the results coming up, providing both the answer s/he seeks and a secondary message about how easily s/he might have accessed the answer without involving YOU.

For example, let’s say you asked me what time the Green Bay Packers are going to hand the Giants their ticket to Loserville. I might respond with an email that has this link in it. Followed by a smiley face, of course (assuming I used emoticons–I hate those things).

Have fun with it! Bonus points to the first person who uses it successfully on an administrator!



Fat-Cat Teachers and Public Servants Forced to Stop Stealing the State’s Money

Maybe this was discussed at yesterday’s Union meeting (I don’t know because I was teaching). We all know, of course, what a burden our luxurious and opulent remuneration has been to the State of Illinois for years now. Fifteen hours of work (less for administrators–meeting isn’t working!!), summers off, inefficient–one might even say ancient–methods and topics. It’s a wonder that the “host” has taken this long to recognize us for the bloodsucking parasites we are…

It should be noted, though, that the existing pension situation was not sustainable (without train-wrecking the state) and that the changes made in this new law (regarding maximum salary for pension benefit, retirement age, etc.) do not apply to those already in the system. If nothing else, I guess that will mean that in 25 years or so, HW won’t have its entire faculty (just about) turn over in a five year period. So maybe that’s a silver lining of sorts…