Trash Talk Tuesday

Yes, I know. Today is Wednesday. Out of respect for the 11th of September, I thought it appropriate to delay this post by one day.

Yes, I also know the CTU strike is more important than this rubbish. ( I made the strike post sticky for now. Feel free to change it all, PhiloDave.)

However, I take my social committee responsibilities seriously on The Lounge and since we started a pool, followed by a good heapin’ of trash talk, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give y’all an update from time to time. (This will not be a weekly post, I don’t think.)

So here ya have it! Week 1 is officially over. Here are the leaders. (Best to start strong! Right, Jivin Jenny?)

Oh yeah, what’s that I said about the Packers? Not going undefeated? Yep, thought so. To all you Packer fans: Pass the whine and cheese, please…