State of the College Reviews

UPDATE–BUMPED UP FOR MORE VOTING: I’m totally surprised by the votes for “Travesty” (though overall it’s still running almost 2 to 1 positive)…still, I’m left to wonder what other people saw that I didn’t…what’s the complaint?

(And sorry, Don–I am totally unable to say with any sort of confidence what meaning I had in my head when I typed it. I’m inclined to say something like “a mockery” or “a perversion” (both synonyms in Webster’s (‘merican dictionary), but I’m suspicious that maybe that idea is a function of (or at least was influenced by) your interesting research. Hindsight bias seems likely here, so I’ll have to say I don’t know and leave it a great unsolved mystery.)

What did you think?

SotC Bingo

Once upon a time, I was something of a buffoon. A sit in the back row with my hat pulled low rather be anywhere but here kind of student, inclined to do a cross word rather than take notes.

Were I still that same doofus, I might be inclined to suggest a little game of Big Speech Bingo for Friday.

Of course, I’m not (at least not at work….usually), and so I’m NOT suggesting anything of the sort, but if I were, I might be inclined to put together a list of 24 phrases/words that might show up in the Don’s speech on Friday.

I was thinking about how much I’d matured since those days, when I was struck by the urge, just for auld lang syne, you know, to put together the list that I would use (note the subjunctive there, Don) if I weren’t so mature now (which I am). This is the list I came up with. What am I missing?

1. College to Careers

2. Completion

3. Lumina Foundation

4. Graduation

5. Credentials of Economic Value

6. Key Performance Indicators

7. Reinvention

8. Zero Based Budgeting

9. Performance Based Funding

10. Customer Service

11. Harold Lounge

12. Enrollment Management

13. 10,000 Small Businesses

14. Mayor Emanuel’s Vision

15. Disruptive Technologies

16. Economic Club of Chicago

17. Return on Investment

18. Life of the Mind

19. GradesFirst

20. 1708 Contract

21. Student Learning

22. IPEDs

23. Team

24. Career Paths