If I Were President of FC4, I Would Tell the Board…

UPDATE: Sorry about the error on the first poll question (effect should be affect–duh…), but I can’t change it without wiping out the votes already cast. Avert your eyes, please; mea culpa. (Thanks, Matt for the heads up. Sorry about the Phillies. Carry on.)

As you may or may not know, our District Wide Faculty Council President will address the Board of the City Colleges of Chicago and the Chancellor next Wednesday. Speaking for a large and multi-varied group is hard enough, but it’s infinitely more complicated of a task in these, umm….interesting times. I am told that at the last FC4 meeting, she agreed to send the draft of her address to the other FC4 representatives for feedback. I thought we might be able to give her some help with the draft part.

So, what would you like her to say? Any and all contributions, serious or snark, are welcome. All you have to do is finish the sentence: If I were President of FC4, I would tell the Board…

Questions for Metoyer

Because our interim President is awesome (e.g., Gladys Kravitz absolutely kills me, and if you don’t know who she is watch this: starting at 2:12) and he knows we have some burning questions, he has invited the entire Faculty Council to meet with him this week.

We’re still working on the day and time, but we hope to pepper him with questions from all sides, to attempt to disorient him and get him to speak the truth accidentally and then use it again…wait, what am I saying…mostly we hope for doughnuts. That might just be me, though.

Ok, so we won’t pepper him mercilessly with questions; we’ll just ask them. But we would like to know what you’d like us to ask–in addition to gathering any info that he might have about the logos, about the Reinvention teams (like where they will work and what the hours will be like and whether two part timers will equal one full timer and so on and so forth), what would you like us to ask?