Halloween Stories

A couple of weeks ago, I was visited by an intrepid reporter from the HWC Herald who was working on a photo essay related to Halloween. He asked what my most memorable Halloween was, and I drew a total blank.

I know I have at least three great Halloween stories buried in my head somewhere, but I can’t seem to rummage in the right corner to find them. It has been annoying me for weeks now.

The only “story” I can remember, and it isn’t one of the good ones, is in regard to how much I enjoyed watching Packers destroy the Bears on a Halloween Monday night in 1994. I was working Monday nights at a bar, which was a hit or miss shift, and so pretty excited about the Bears home game (more business, more money), plus I always get excited about those games being a Packers fan, and then it was Halloween on top of it all, so people were festive and drinking (again, more money), and then, the topper was the weather went NUTS and a crazy rain and wind came in meaning that the crowded bar would stay that way despite the turn the game took for Bears fans. We were jammed all night long and the Packers won a laugher. I felt a little sad for Gayle Sayers since he seems like a classy guy and that night was the ceremony intended to honor the retiring of his and Dick Butkus’ numbers, but it didn’t ruin my night or anything.

The best part of the night, though, was around 1:30. Some yahoo, who in order to make his black corvette look like the Batmobile, had mounted some kind of flame thrower on the back of it (no kidding) and driven it downtown. He parked it on the street, right in front of a Suburban or some kind of tall SUV. When he was ready to make his “getaway” he fired up the flames, which shot right into the grill of the truck behind him, setting that truck on fire, leading to his own car being engulfed in flame, too. The cops were bent over laughing while telling the story to each other.

I don’t remember my costume though.

So, I’m hoping that maybe y’all have some stories–your best costume or worst, something memorable you saw or did (or wish you hadn’t)–and that maybe your stories will jar some of my foggy memories. I know they’re in there…

At the very least, will you tell us what you’re going to be for Halloween this year?

My kids are going as “Zombie Hermione” and “Optimus Prime.” I’m undecided, but open to suggestions.

Fire away.