Call for the Blogroll (UPDATE)

You may have noticed, if you pay attention to such things, that I cleaned up the Blogroll a bit yesterday. I deleted the dead links and the rarely used links; included in the cleanup were Kojo’s former blog (now deleted), District’sNotTheBossofMe, and The Truman Lounge (not quite dead, but not active at all). I was going to link to Truman’s Teaching and Learning Center blog, but that is pretty dead too. I also cut the OIT Lounge, which had little and infrequent content, and a few things that I had put on there for me so I wouldn’t lose them (e.g., the list of philosophy blogs). Also cut were the links that no one has clicked on over the last year and some links that were primarily K-12 focused.

I have added Wright College’s Instructional Support blog (been meaning to do that for a while, actually–Maureen Mulcrone is doing good work over there with it), and a link for the Chronicle of Higher Ed. I have a few ideas for other things I can add, but I’m taking suggestions, too. I am happy to link to any faculty blog, project, or PD source (such as a professional organization) or any resource that you’d like to have easy, consistent access to. Put them in the comments, and I’ll put them on the blogroll.

Thanks, in advance!

UPDATE: Don wrote to suggest adding Academic Affairs@HWC (Margie’s blog), which I forgot was a blog, too! Did that. He also suggested a link to Five Books (which I love and read regularly); it used to be a feature of The Browser, but was spun off to its own site. Done and done.

A Survey about Surveys

In the last couple of months we have seen more and more surveys popping up in our inbox. There was the survey about the Inspector General’s Office, about Morale (where are those results?), Lecture capture cameras (ditto), and now Registration. I know many people do not fill out these surveys which I think is a mistake. Consider this, in some small way filling out these surveys is like voting. If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain about decisions made later. How much happier we all would have been if the powers that be had sent a survey about branding or graduation or most recently,  no more spring hires. (Just a side comment- if we are no longer allowed spring hires, does that apply to district too? So, if there is a job opening do they have to wait until fall semester to hire or are they allowed to hire based on need and availability?).

Not to say that a survey would have changed the decisions that the money spenders made, but at least our voice would have been heard. A large complaint about this administration is the total top-down communication. I would like to think these surveys are at least an attempt to give the people who actually work with students a voice.  So next time you see a survey pop into your inbox, don’t ignore it, fill it out. Don’t pass up an opportunity to actually communicate back to the powers that be, we have so few opportunities to do so….

World Music Festival: Ongoing

Just in case you didn’t see it kick off over the beautiful weekend, the cool September air means that it’s time for the  World Music Festival.

It’s running all over the city, all week and through next weekend no less, with great, free music playing at all times of day. You can check out the Reader’s Guide to the festival here. Lots of great stuff abounds. Get out and see some of it if you can!

What Up?

Fire up the grill and white belts and shoes–it’s the last weekend of summer people…what are you doing?

Headed to the Fringe Festival? Maybe the North Coast Festival (maybe to see some FatBoySlim? (he’s headlining Saturday night; so is Common)) Or will it be Jazz Fest? Or India Arie (or Mary Mary or Bootsy Collins!) at the African Festival of the Arts? Camping in the north woods? Something altogether different like Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival?

What Up?

Oh, sure, you’ll be spending your Friday at the college for the Address to Faculty (it’s NOT the State of the College, right? Do staff have to attend? I digress), but what else will you be doing?

I’ll be out at Arlington on Saturday to see them running for the Million (I hear they give away money out there), and my kids will be hounding us to take them to see the Wild Kratts on Sunday at the zoo, but I think with the race and everything that will be a….a……zoo.

Ahem. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

What are you doing this weekend to squeeze the last drops of fun out of summer?