NPR Survey on Trigger Warnings

Speaking of trigger warnings, a colleague passed along a survey put together by and education reporter at NPR named Meg Anderson. She writes:

We are doing some informal research at colleges nationwide on the use of “trigger warnings” – a disclaimer to students that upcoming material could have adverse effects for students.

She invited my colleague to share the survey with “faculty and staff in your department who teach students directly,” and gave me permission to do the same. If you’re interested, click HERE for the survey. It takes less than a minute unless you’re a really, really slow reader. If you’d like to know more/say more, you can contact her at

Chicago Public Library Survey

Help out the Chicago Public Library–don’t forget that they have the KPI heat coming down on them, too.

I’m told they have a survey that we can take to “help them better meet patron needs” and that it takes about five minutes and that it’s open through the end of the month.

If you love our libraries as much as I (and my kids) do, then help ’em out a bit. Click HERE to complete the survey.

h/t to Erica McCormack for the pointer!

Complete the Union Survey

Only one more day to pick up and complete the Union survey about our priorities and desires for the next contract.

Jesú writes:

If you did not receive a Union survey with your copy of The Voice, you
can pick one up outside my office, room 629.  I will put them outside
my office after 9a.m.

Your feedback is important, so Local 1600 can serve you better.  Once
you have filled out a unique survey, please return it to 629; you can
slip it under my door.

I will walk the completed surveys to the Union office this Thursday,
so try to get them to me before then.

Be sure to get one and fill it out so your voice is heard.

HWFC PD Survey–Please Do It!

On Thursday, I walked around the campus stuffing faculty mail boxes with a paper survey (in the hopes of maximizing response) about Professional Development regarding past experiences, local and district-wide, and future desires. The original impetus for this survey was to gather some initial info to give to the Reinvention task force folks coming to visit on Tuesday (@3:30 in room 103–all are welcome and invited!). Since those initial discussions, though, we’ve heard from various and knowledgeable sources that gears are in motion over at 226 W. Jackson to begin planning for another District Wide Faculty Development Week (a.k.a., DWFDWII).

I guess the good news is that they’re starting earlier this time. Whether it is bad news or not that they are planning another entire week of “festivities” is kind of undetermined. Locally, CAST did a survey about faculty experiences and satisfaction, that wasn’t too glowing, but drew a smallish response (around 25% of FT faculty). We have heard that the PD Task Force has requested the feedback that the district collected at the DWFDW last August, but hasn’t, as yet, been provided with it. And that leaves our little survey.

I’m going to go around on Tuesday, around noon, and collect the ones that are in the envelope by then, but I’ll make a final collection on Thursday afternoon at 4pm. So, if you can, please dig that survey out of your mailbox and finish it by noon on Tuesday. It will take you about 30 seconds to complete it. Fill it out and stuff it in the envelope. If you just can’t do it by then, please fill it out as soon as you can, and stuff it in the envelope. Bonus points to you if you can ask around and encourage your colleagues to do theirs as well.

We, speaking for HW Faculty Council, cannot advocate for your desires if we don’t know what they are. Please give us the info we need to make the case for what y’all want. Thanks, in advance.

Poll and Survey Reminders

UPDATE: Ummm….sorry. I misread what Chris wanted in the post from CAST. We’re supposed to LOOK at the survey and give him comments. Not take it. A revised version will be posted/distributed in the next day or two. You should complete THAT one. Sorry. Reading is FUN-damental!!

Just in case you haven’t had the chance yet, please be sure to visit the post from CAST and complete review and make any comments/revisions on the survey on the District Wide Faculty Development Week. The survey takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to fill out, but will be really valuable for planning next year’s events.

Also, there’s a poll on last Saturday’s “Think, Know, Prove” post about the Lounge that will affect how we organize posts related to the Reinvention process. Check it out here, and please vote your conscience. It takes about 4 seconds.

Thanks in advance for your participation.

Next Steps–A Proposed Survey

This is a hijacked comment from the comments to the Update post. It comes from Carrie Nepstad:

“Please see updated survey – don’t answer it yet. This is just to get feedback on the survey questions.

Does anything need to be changed or added before I send it to Cecilia?

Unless I hear otherwise, I will send it to her tomorrow morning and ask that she e-mail it to all CCC faculty.”

Good Time to Be a “Union Shop”

The AAUP is out with new research on faculty salaries, and the news, unsurprisingly, is not that good.

“Over all, salaries for this academic year are 1.2 percent higher than last year, the smallest increase recorded in the survey’s 50 years — and well below the 2.7 percent inflation rate from December 2008 to December 2009.”

Though, it should be noted that not many people earned raises last year. There surely would have been a nasty backlash if faculty had earned large average gains amid the economic circumstances of 2009.

Still, it’s good to be aware of the trends.