Climate Surveys of Reinvention Teams

My request to our Reinvention team members (updated today with newly arriving responses!) created an unexpected flurry of activity. Some team members wanted to meet and talk about how to respond to the questions, one team member (at least) wanted to just answer them individually, there was discussion of whether to consult with the “leadership,” and those consultations occurred, leading to an interesting bit of sharing.

A team member, in consultation with Scott Martyn and Tawa Jogunosimi sent a trio of links–here, here, and here–which show the outcome of three “Team Barometer” surveys administered at different times (2/17, 3/11, and 3/28, respectively) during the Reinvention process to gauge the attitudes of the team members and their perceptions of the process at that point.

I think you will find them interesting. I did. There are some interesting trends and patterns here.

I wonder if anything has changed as a result of this information…

Website Wednesday

Website Wednesday is a regular feature in which we highlight one (or a couple) of sites from the Billions floating around the Intertoobz that just might help you with your Herculean task of educating inquiring minds. Any and all suggestions for future editions are welcome.

I know that you saw some of these highlighted at DWFDW, but just in case that is a long ways away from your mind, and because we’re at the midterm (when, it is generally supposed, it’s a good idea to get some student feedback about the course, and because you might not want to use CCC tools to conduct your own research about student satisfaction (or lack thereof) with your courses, you can consider the following tools, each of which I’ve used and found quick and simple to work with. is a resource for creating superfast, multiple choice, online surveys–no sign up is required, and the sharing options are plentiful.

If you’d like a little more control over your poll, is a good option. In fact, come to think of it, I think this might have been the one that was highlighted during DWFDW.

You know, just in case you want to do any quick survey’s of student opinions about, oh, I don’t know, anything that is going on around the college, maybe…