Think, Know, Prove–Reinvention Task Force Proposals

So, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post about Thursday’s forum, the Chancellor is reportedly re-working some aspects of her original pitch to us. One of those areas of revision has to do with faculty participation in the Task Forces. As you may remember, the original pitch was that faculty (ft and adjunct) could apply to be on a task force, and if they were chosen then the administration would find a substitute for the teaching of their classes over the rest of the semester (and presumably the beginning of the spring semester). Someone, somehow convinced the Chancellor and her team, or so we understand, that this plan was not such a great plan, and so they are re-thinking it and considering ways to revise it for Version 2.0 coming in October.

Note, the goals, the format (Task Forces with faculty and students and staff from around the district on the six areas of inquiry) and other aspects are not all going to change. There will be a Reinvention Plan–that toothpaste is out of the tube–and Process; you can bet on that. We may, however, be able to help shape it, at least a little.

So today’s Think, Know, Prove question relates to how these task forces ought to be structured in your opinion to maximize faculty participation while also maximizing efficiency. There are opportunity costs to both of those aims and tension between them, but the question remains: if there are going to be task forces and it is a necessity (as Metoyer argued) for faculty to be active on them if the outcomes of them are to be worthwhile, then how should they be structured?

What’s your suggestion for them? FT gigs, no teaching, running from January to May (a version of the current proposal pushed back three months)? 2 classes of released time for participants? 1? 4? A stipend? Push it all back until summer? Local teams that work on campus and send proposals to a District Wide Task Force for review/analysis/prioritization/synthesizing?

What’s your idea for how this part of the plan should be structured, assuming that the goals and the rest remain the same? What do you think? What do you know? What can you prove?