Tuesday Teaching Talk

Tuesday Teaching Talk is a regular feature which, as the name implies, is an opportunity to talk explicitly about teaching (and learning) in the practical and philosophical sense that happens on, you guessed it, Tuesday. It could be a question, an article or a tip to name a few options.

Let’s let today be a teaching tip day.  If you’ve got a teaching tip, post it in the comments.  I’ll get the ball rolling with a few tips.

1.  When grading short answer/fill in papers, they can be lined up on a long table and graded item by item.  This saves a bit of time despite the amount of space required.  It works great for short computational math problems.

2.  On Bb, use the copy feature if you have common items between courses. It’s a huge time saver.

3.  Ask students if they’re familiar with the technology you’re using in the classroom. I created a few Prezi’s.  I was surprised to see how few of them knew about it but even more surprised by how excited many of them seemed about using it.

4.  As a time saving device, I created a discussion item on Bb in front of my class.  This allowed me to let them watch the “magic” happen while also giving them a very quick tutorial on posting to the discussion board (now called discussions).