Tstuff From the Times

More reading from the New York Times in one post so you can plan your incursions on the pay wall:

~The 9/11 Memorial Misuses a Quote from Virgil (featuring the best last line of an article that I’ve seen in at least 27 months:

Finding words that do justice to a momentous event is always difficult — especially so, perhaps, in the age of Internet trawling, when a wary eye needs to be kept for the bothersome baggage that may be attached to the perfect-sounding expression. There is an easy mechanism, also time-hallowed, for winnowing out what may be right from what is clearly wrong: it’s called reading.)

~Is Sugar Toxic? (This one is by Gary Taubes, who wrote the first great thing I read about food, and started me down a whole, fascinating, and still fruitful new learning path.)

~Review of David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King

~The Power of Mockery

~To Tug Heartstrings, Music Must First Tickle Neurons (one for Isabelle)

~A Better Way To Teach Math (one for Mathissexy (and Co.))

~Tales of Springfield Education Negotiations (featuring a crying CTU President)

~Joe Nocera on The Limits of School Reform (i.e., how poverty and other circumstances affect learning and teaching)

~Miami Dade College: The Model for the Rest of Us