CCC Student E-Mail

Welcome to spring semester 2013! In my first official post as a contributor on the HL, I would like to share a video. In this video, I show students how to access their student e-mail accounts. It’s posted on You Tube, and I used a free Snag It trial to create it.  Feel free to share this video with your students, if you like.

What’s Snag It, you ask? Well, I created a video on Snag It, too. That video, though, was created for a different audience. If you’re interested in seeing the Snag It video and perhaps hearing me wax eloquent about its cat’s pajamas-like functionality, then let me know, and I will post it, too.

Want to be an author on The Lounge?

What up peeps?!

I’m sure you’ve seen the list of authors on the left-side of the screen, right? (Hey, you can even click on a name to see all of that author’s related posts!)

PhiloDave has stated that anypeep who wants to be an author on The Lounge can do so, right?

Well, in case you were curious about being an author but were hesitatin’ ’cause ya didn’t know how to create a post, or maybe you were intimidated about bein’ an author but not knowin’ how to create a post on the blog, then I gots somethin’ for you!

Take a look at this quick tutorial (just under 3 minutes long) to see just how easy it is to start bloggin’! I threw in some music to keep you focused.
Enjoy, and May The Force Be With You!