Equity for Adjuncts

Can’t think of what to get your favorite adjunct for the holidays? How about some justice?

Students’ learning conditions are their teachers’ working conditions—not 27 percent of their teachers’ working conditions. As Cary Nelson, president of the American Association of University Professors, wrote in September, “The only goal worth fighting for is full justice for all who teach.” As long as we’re having to strip down to essentials, let’s strip down to that one.

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Fat-Cat Teachers and Public Servants Forced to Stop Stealing the State’s Money

Maybe this was discussed at yesterday’s Union meeting (I don’t know because I was teaching). We all know, of course, what a burden our luxurious and opulent remuneration has been to the State of Illinois for years now. Fifteen hours of work (less for administrators–meeting isn’t working!!), summers off, inefficient–one might even say ancient–methods and topics. It’s a wonder that the “host” has taken this long to recognize us for the bloodsucking parasites we are…

It should be noted, though, that the existing pension situation was not sustainable (without train-wrecking the state) and that the changes made in this new law (regarding maximum salary for pension benefit, retirement age, etc.) do not apply to those already in the system. If nothing else, I guess that will mean that in 25 years or so, HW won’t have its entire faculty (just about) turn over in a five year period. So maybe that’s a silver lining of sorts…