Two for Tuesday

For the Scientist-types!

This is an old one that I’ve been saving for awhile for anyone looking for some summer reading on theoretical physics:

What can you do to top suppositions like those? Not much, it seems. The new books on physics promise “a state-of-the-art tour of cutting-edge science that is changing the way we see our world,” as the jacket blurb for The Hidden Reality puts it. But they are just recycling the once-startling propositions of Car­ter, Everett, Wheeler, Barrow, Tipler—and Nietzsche and Borges, for that matter.

And this is a new one about some excitement down at FermiLab:

Physicists at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory have observed anomalous data that suggest they may have discovered a new elementary particle or a new fundamental force of nature. Or, they acknowledged Wednesday, they may have simply observed a chance statistical fluctuation in their results.

If the results are real, they could provide the first significant change in what is known as the standard model of physics in more than five decades, and researchers are holding their breaths in anticipation.