Commencement 2013

Straight cut-and-paste from the inbox (color added by yoursess truly):

The City Colleges of Chicago community will come together at the 2013 graduation ceremony to celebrate Associate degree completers:

Friday, May 3, 2013
UIC Pavilion
525 S. Racine Ave.
Beyond our control, the University of Illinois changed its graduation schedule and venue rental regulations, forcing City Colleges to hold Commencement the Friday before finals. We understand that the timing may be a challenge, so we are asking the Class of 2013 to vote on the most convenient time to hold the commencement on Friday, May 3.  We will tally the survey results and announce the winning timeframe for Commencement 2013 on Monday, March 11.
City Colleges graduates have worked hard to attain this educational milestone and we look forward to celebrating their achievement with this time-honored tradition.

I aint’s got nothin’ to say ’bout it right now. There are some pros and cons to the date. Good to see that some things are out of CCC’s control. At least they know what it feels like now; I mean in terms of being told what you can and cants do by others.
CCC appears to be eatin’ some humble pie and asking the graduates what time works best.
So if the Pavilion empties early (again!), them grads should take part of the blame, since they’ve been given an opportunity to have a say, right?
Hey!, this frees up my Saturday!

Guess I did have somethin’ to say after all.
Have your say too.