Mathematical Potpourri

Amazingly enough, having two days off of work because of the blizzard seems to have put me way behind this week, rather than way ahead (despite my having worked a lot during the two days “off”). I have no explanation, but I find it annoying.

Anyhow, I had plans to read all of these before posting them and subject them to some quality control, but I’m just too far behind. Caveat emptor.

These are sites that I saw in a weekly Webliography that I get from Diigo that looked interesting and all relate to math.

Dyscalcula: A Mathematical Learning Disability

Great Math Teaching Ideas: Mostly K-12, but adaptable

Math Whiteboard Strategies: Mostly for Smartboards, I think.

Math Curriculum Research: Teaching multiple methods of problem solving works best, they say

Research on Correlations of Math Skills and Life Qualities: Not surprising to anyone who knows math, but maybe to those who aren’t yet believers in its usefulness.