UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: If you have a ballot you will be able to vote on campus tomorrow (Thursday). Bring your ballot to room 1115 between 1 and 3pm to vote. Jesú and Adriana will be sitting with it from 1 to 2pm just outside the room, and then it will move inside room 1115 from 2 to 3 and be available for voting during the meeting. If you do not have a ballot and will not be able to get to the office before Saturday, stop by the box and let them know so that they can track down what happened and what needs to happen. If you have a ballot and don’t want to vote on campus, remember that it must arrive to the union office before noon on Saturday to be counted.

For anyone who couldn’t attend yesterday’s meeting, the most urgent aspect of the conversation revolved around the reduced time frame of the vote, the number of voting members who have not yet received ballots, and various ideas about how to address and (hopefully) resolve those conjoined problems.

Without getting into the details of support and criticism and who said what (per chapter leadership request and what I took to be chapter consensus) the merits, or lack thereof, of some of the major parts of the proposal were also discussed insofar as that was possible without clarification from the negotiating team, and there was brief discussion about Thursday and how to have the most effective meeting with Perry.

Regarding the last point, Hector volunteered to compile a list of questions from membership (if you’d like to send him yours, you can send them to: hr.reyes13@gmail.com), while also encouraging us to come to Thursday’s meeting with our own. Perry will be at our sanctioned union meeting at HWC on Thursday from 2 to 4:30 pm in room 1115.

Perry was at Malcolm X yesterday morning and at Daley, I believe, in the afternoon. I’m not sure where he is going today. I’m also unsure about how those meetings went, though some people heard some things.

After the meeting and in regard to the lede, last night Jesú sent a request to Perry for an extension at the behest of the membership–owing to the ballot questions and holiday weekend, to which Perry responded that “that full members, who have not received their ballots, should go in person to the office. He said they had resolved the problem [regarding in person ballot requests].”

The union office is located on Kinzie, just north of the Merchandise Mart, close to The Shamrock Club, a few doors west of Wells.

People who have received ballots can 1) mail them in (but they must arrive to the union office by 12pm Saturday–not postmarked…arrived!) or 2) drop them off at the union office or 3) bring them to the college on Thursday where voting will be open from 1 to 3 pm somewhere (tba–soon). just outside of or in room 1115.

Anyone who wants to vote, but has not received a ballot and cannot get to the office to do so and can’t figure out another way to make it happen should go to the voting box anyway. Adriana and Jesú will be keeping a list of people who wanted to vote but couldn’t. Doing so may also clarify whether the persons are full members or fair-share (non-signed up members who lack voting rights). Also, we need a couple of volunteers to work the ballot box from 2 to 3pm, as well. Please contact Jesú if you are available.

If there are changes or updates, I invite any of my fellow editors to make changes to this post as necessary and as information develops.

Faculty Council Corner

Faculty Council Corner is a regular Thursday morning-ish feature (that sometimes shows up later) , presenting an open thread for you to bother your HWFC members with pressing questions (or for us to post the pressing questions that you have). Also, you can expect this to be the forum where we post regular updates about what is happening with Faculty Council and when.

This Week’s Updates: Lots of stuff to report this week (which is why it’s late!)

1.8th Annual Meet and Greet: Social Co-Chairs and awesome people Jenny Armendarez and Rachel Iannantuoni (pronounced: Yan-a-TOE-ni) have decided to revive a tradition started by the late great Isabelle Belance to get the school’s faculty (full-time and part-time alike) in a room together for a little frivolity and grousing and morale boosting and music and convo. I’ll let Rachel and Jenny give you the details:

[This year’s HWC Faculty Meet & Greet will be on]Wednesday, March 28th, 2-5pm in room 1115. As usual, we look forward to meeting any new faculty and encourage everyone to stop by! Music will be provided by the first one who gets to the audio jack with their IPOD/MP3 Playlist.

Some games will be available and if there is enough interest, a Words With Friends competition! Potential topics of conversation for the event: March Madness, Spring Break Destinations and the usual investigatory conversations about who is the Realist!

Food, like paper, is no longer provided for College activities, so we are asking those who are interested to bring their specialty dishes or contribute to a fund for cheese/fruit platters.

Please RSVP to Rachel by Mon, March 26th regarding whether you would like to bring a dish to share or contribute to our cash food fund–contact new faculty member Rachel Iannantouni:  RIannantouni@ccc.edu, ext. 5616.

For more general information please contact Jenny Armendarez at jarmendarez@ccc.edu, ext. 5898.

2. Budget Request: At our last HWFC meeting, we discussed whether to ask for any Budget lines though the office of instruction and, after some discussion, came to a consensus (of sorts) on three:

A) Release time for the President of Faculty Council (every President does a TON of work, meeting attendance, communication, and more; plus we figured that this would be a way for the administration to formally recognize the value and importance of Faculty Leadership);

B) A Chunk of Money for Funding Annual, Faculty-Driven, Curriculum Related Events and Festivals (a few years ago, some of us kicked around the idea of a kind of ad-hoc Arts Council that could disperse money to groups and faculty who want to do special events (i.e. Latino Heritage Month, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, etc.). In the past, Faculty have had to choose between unsavory options like: 1) raiding/begging for scraps from a department budget; or 2) going through Student Government (putting some of us in the weird position of asking students we were teaching to fund our special projects and also led to difficulty for fall events given that SGA usually takes a few months to get settled and funded and going (by the time they held a meeting, it was often too late for some of the events); or 3) pleading with and administrator to release the hounds, as it were, which put the groups asking for money in the spring at an advantage relative to those who asked in the fall (unless it was all spent, in which case the people in the spring went begging elsewhere). So the hope is to set up a mechanism/application process whereby faculty would apply to Faculty Council for the funding for these types of events and FC would approve/recommend approval (not exactly sure how it will work yet).)

C. Some Cash for Hosting Faculty Wide Speakers/Events Related to Curriculum (e.g., ICCB, IAI, Programs), Academic Issues, etc.

We are happy to report that all three requests made it into the draft budget anyway. We’ll see if they make it from the draft into the approved budget sometime soon.

3. Joint Union-Faculty Council Meeting: Next Tuesday, March 27th, from 3:30 to 5pm somewhere (assume room 1046 unless you hear otherwise) there will be a joint faculty council/union meeting to discuss the proposal to change the tenure process AND the work that the same team has done on a proposal to change the Post-Tenure Review Process (which is contractual). Watch your email for more information on this as it develops.

4. Emergency Plan: I’m sure you were all as pleased as I was to see that, in response to the Tribune investigation kerfuffle, the district”s emergency plan, which includes the college specific emergency plans, has been submitted to the state, per state law, as of March 19th (as reported in your email on March 19th). Unfortunately, they are about the only ones who know what it says…I mean, am I crazy to think that the biggest threat to our college is the fact that, by their own admission, most of our faculty don’t know what to do in emergencies and don’t know how to access the information? The gates are going to be “great” and all, but unless they have magic powers, they’re not going to be very helpful. Raise your hand if you have a safe key and an index card in your classroom when you’re teaching (you know, those two things that you’ll need for a lockdown in the case of an active shooter or something awful like that). Better yet, ask that question at your next meeting (departmental or otherwise). I believe it was three years ago, or so, that Faculty Council asked for LARGE PRINT signs with the security number on it to be posted in each classroom. Still waiting. (sigh).

Last “Week’s” Pressing Questions: Anonymous asked: Does anyone know are CCC classes being taught at Chicago high schools? I have no new information on this besides what I wrote in the comments last time. Anyone else?
Everything else, especially the stuff I got wrong or missed, in the comments please

Faculty Council Corner

Faculty Council Corner is a regular Thursday morning feature, presenting an open thread for you to bother your HWFC members with pressing questions (or for us to post the pressing questions that you have). Also, you can expect this to be the forum where we post regular updates about what is happening with Faculty Council and when.

Well, it happened again–the late week delay, only this time it started on Tuesday morning…so sorry about the delay. I trust that y’all managed to fill your day without me.

Last Week’s Pressing Questions:

This one from the Realist regarding the HWFC meeting with the Provost:

~Were you given a new date? Yes. Rosie rescheduled us for November 15th. I’ll have an update after the meeting.

This Week’s Updates:

~This Tuesday is our November Faculty Council Meeting (3:30pm in room 1046). All are welcome and invited. It will feature formal (and informal) expressions of gratitude for the service over the past few years of Kamilah Sanders and Chris Sabino, the seating of our two new Council members (Jen Armendarez and Chao Lu), officer elections, free popsicles, and the wit and wisdom of Domenico Ferri. Should be an exciting meeting. Watch your email for the agenda.

~Rosie, with absolutely no help from the rest of us, has arranged for an update from the HW members of Reinvention. They’ll be visiting us on Tuesday, November 22nd (3:30, room 1046) to talk about their work, their plans, and Spring Reinvention. My understanding is that Anthony will be roasting a turkey for the occasion (and hopefully it will have Oyster! If not, I won’t complain, but I will be a little disappointed). So come and have an early Thanksgiving with your Faculty Council and Reinvention team!


Sunday Reading

An update from Reinvention: as posted on the Reinvention blog, the Recommendations from the Spring have been updated (and expanded/specified).

Check out the full, current state of the recommendations HERE. And the associated “justifications” HERE.

And if you see something good, please note it in the comments; and if you see something not good, please note it in the comments.

And I have a suspicion that at some point in the near future it may be critical for us to know what the Reinvention proposals and research say so that we can A) understand what’s coming when it comes; or B) fight what comes because it’s based on bad reasoning/data; or C) fight what comes using their research and data.

When I know more, I’ll say more, but let’s just say that now would be  a good time to get educated about what’s going on. There’s no time like the present, as they say.

Faculty Council Corner

Faculty Council Corner is a regular Thursday morning feature, presenting an open thread for you to bother your HWFC members with pressing questions (or for us to post the pressing questions that you have). Also, you can expect this to be the forum where we post regular updates about what is happening with Faculty Council and when.

Welcome back to the FC Corner.

Last Week’s Pressing Questions:


This Week’s Updates:

~Well, I finally got around to updating the minutes from the spring and the FC4 representative list on the Faculty Council Page, so if you go there, you can see up to the minute accurate information. About time.

~You’ll note if you go there that the Council agreed to appoint Kennette Crockett (English) to serve the remainder of Theresa Carlton’s FC4 position. Theresa resigned this summer owing to her acceptance into a Ph.D. program. The Council thanked her, and gratefully welcomes Kennette to her new role. Unfortunately a change in Kennette’s schedule prevents her from being able to pick up the torch for the rest of the term, which means Theresa’s spot on FC4 will be up for a special election in October.

~Speaking of representatives, at our meeting on Tuesday, the council agreed that we’d kick off the nomination period for local HWFC representation this Friday at the State of the College address, running through the following Friday (9/23). To nominate someone, you need only send their name in an email to any Faculty Council representative, with the nominee CC’d (so we know that they’re cool with it by 5pm, September 23rd. Once we have the nominees, we’ll put together a ballot for the first week of October and count the votes at our October meeting. When that election is held, there will also be a special election to select a one semester substitute for Tom Higgins’ FC4 position to serve while he is on sabbatical. So we’ll need nominees for that, too. If you’ve been thinking that it might be cool to be on FC4, this is your chance to give it a four meeting trial run.

~There were lots of updates and lots of business, but the other two things of note are that A) we discussed the long existing, but long moribund “Social Committee”–specifically whether it was necessary and should continue–and the discussion rolled around to the history (this was a high priority for Isabelle Belance when she served and she and Mike Davis kind of revived it), and why it mattered (morale is a part of our function, too), and whether anyone would be willing to take responsibility for it (no), and what we should do about it (throw it up on the Lounge, they said, with an open call to see if anyone is interested in organizing a social event or two each semester for faculty). And so here it is. Anybody interested? The other update is related to the Honors Program, which we’ve been talking about for awhile, and the upshot is that HWFC resolved to recommend to the Deans that the program (and any “honors class” offerings) go on hiatus until further notice (i.e., someone is able to take over the program and resolve the issues that were raised in HWFC discussions about the program over the last year or so (see the minutes)).

~Yesterday (Wednesday, 9/15), Rosie and I attended an FC4 meeting with Don and John where the plan for Key Performance Indicator Development was presented. I will have more on that later, but the short version is that the District leadership has developed a plan that prioritizes faculty involvement. It is a pretty solid example of exactly what we’ve been saying “shared governance” should be, and so it is heartening. More soon.

~And that’s it for now. Please add or correct anything that needs to be added or corrected.

Union Meeting Summary and Update

Courtesy of Anthony Escuadro (HW Grievance Chair and Faculty Council Member):

Here’s the summary:

Last Thursday (8/18), Perry Buckley attended a special Union meeting to introduce himself to the members and the new faculty and address some important issues. Perry focused his hour-long presentation on:

– changes to the pension formula affecting future retirees
– state and municipal legislation that affects higher education and CCC
– “guarded” optimism regarding Reinvention and the college presidential selections
– advice regarding grievance and discipline matters, especially with regards to the CCC Office of the Inspector General
– contributing to the Union Committee on Political Education
– information on an upcoming survey of the union members.

The minutes of the meeting will be available on the Local 1600 Google group website. If you are a Local 1600 member and would like access to the password-protected site where the minutes will be hosted and can be discussed, please contact Jesu Estrada or Hector Reyes with your personal (non-ccc) email address to become a member of the Local 1600 Google group.

Thanks, Anthony!

Tropical Storm Don: An Update

This post on Don’s blog made me laugh out loud, and I thought about it again on Saturday while waiting for the big rain to blow over so they could get the ponies to the post for the fourth race.

When I had the chance, I went back to the NOAA coverage to see what happened with it, and I’m so glad I did. Here’s what it says:








I literally cannot WAIT to be sitting in a meeting and, in response to someone’s voiced concern over Don’s likely reaction to some topic or other, say, “Forecaster Blake said that last time, and I quote, the Don ‘literally evaporated over Texas about as fast as I have ever seen without mountains involved. Don has no convection…meager rainfall…and only a slight signature in surface observations…[he] should open up into a trough later today…and is not expected to pose a…threat.'”

And how about Forecaster Blake! So hostile! So annoyed! So palpably disappointed in the strom…easily my new favorite meteorologist!

August Update

Hello, again, Loungers. I hope the summer months have treated you well.

There is much to report.

1) Perhaps You Noticed My Absence?: As I thought I mentioned, I planned to take a blogging vacation of sorts over the summer with the exception of occasional updates (like this!). A few regular contributors–the Realist, Ivan, and a couple others–suggested that they’d like to play around with the Lounge this summer and practice a bit. Kudos to them, as Cecilia would say, and the readers/commenters, for keeping things hopping.

Ultimately, as I’ve definitely said before, my hope is that this site will become a place where lots of faculty are posting lots of info. The more people posting information (and I mean as contributors, not just commentators), the more useful the site. The more useful the site, the more likely people will be to check regularly. The more regular checking that happens, the more effective the site becomes. The more effective the site becomes, the more people will be interested/willing to use it as a central information depot (repeat).

In other words, more people posting more stuff would be a great thing. So, make some plans to jump on in. It’s a lot like Blackboard only not as clunky.

Please consider this an open invitation to use the Lounge as a sandbox of sorts, whenever you are ready, to learn and practice some new Web communication skills. Just send me (Dave Richardson) an email (drichardson2@ccc.edu), and I’ll give you the instructions for getting started and tell you what little I know. If you’re not quite ready to commit to that, feel free to send me stuff to post. I’ll happily do it. In the meantime,  the regular features will return regularly starting August 8th.

2) DWFDW Letter: Per your stated preferences (here and here), a motion was passed and a letter drafted (with your help) by Faculty Council. The letter was sent to Chancellor Hyman and Vice Chancellor Henderson, with cc’s to the John Wozniak, Saundra Banyard, John Metoyer, and Ellen Eason-Montgomery and informal cc’s to the other Presidents of the other local FCs. After doing some re-drafting, to incorporate the discussion as it developed over the last week of school and the week after that, this is what we sent. Apparently, it rocked the boat a bit. I don’t know if it affected anything about the planning and discussion of DWFDW, but it led to a flurry of activity.

We made a mistake in that the letter got sent by mail to Chancellor Hyman and VC Henderson on the same day that it was sent as a heads up email to our local admins (John, Saundra, and John). Their response was both immediate (along the lines of “Talk to us, and don’t send it”) and too late. We were told that Cecilia was coming to HW to meet with us. Then we were  called to a meeting with John Wozniak and John Metoyer. John W told us that Cecilia had been coming to meet with us on behalf of the Chancellor (but that that meeting might not be necessary given our meeting with him). Cecilia eventually cancelled her meeting with us.

At the meeting that did happen, President Wozniak made clear in a completely respectful and collegial way that, though he didn’t condone our letter or the sending of it, he understood our position and respected our sense of investment in the work of our colleagues, the college, and the district. (He even told us that when this idea had been floated in the past (I’m guessing in 2000, since that date written in the proposal) the Presidents had been unanimously against it and some for reasons similar to ours; so, clearly he understood where we were coming from.) He emphasized that he thought we might have done ourselves more good by going to him and trying to work through him (in general and in these specific circumstances), and I don’t doubt him. I still think it was a good idea to send the letter, though, since one impression that it seemed to have made is that academic culture is fundamentally different than, say, corporate culture, starting and ending with the faculty’s “sense of ownership,” professional responsibility, and willingness to speak out in response to objectionable ideas. I would say that we definitely learned from the experience. I guess we will find out if the events were mutually illuminating.

Back to the meeting with President Wozniak: in the course of the discussion, though, I believe he came to understand, even if he didn’t exactly agree, why we felt compelled and justified in sending the letter. He hadn’t seen the original proposal, for example, nor did he know about what happened at the first planning meeting). By the end of the meeting, I think everyone there had the sense that what was not understood by “the other side” before the meeting was understood afterward, and John said he would convey the content of the meeting to the Chancellor.

In the meantime, it seems that the train was, as we suspected, already down the tracks, and so we shall spend the week of August 9th in meetings and workshops held at HW (Monday) and Malcolm X (T-F), and it will happen for reasons that I will explain, briefly, below in #3. Meanwhile, as the plans come together and the meetings start, we’ll all have the choice to expect the worst or hope for the best and, if necessary, make lemons out of lemonade, as my daughter likes to say. It’s not exactly a “dark night of the soul” or a question of Sartre’s Dirty Hands, but I think that no matter what happens, we should respect those who will have worked to make it as successful as possible under difficult circumstances and try to be honest and critical, as our academic culture emphasizes, without being mean. In truth, I don’t know any more about the plans than you do (days, times and themes, via our new VP, John Metoyer in his July 27th email . After the meeting with John W, I never heard another thing about the planning for the rest of the events (maybe someone else has?). On the 23rd of July, Metoyer had invited Faculty Council to talk with him about his ideas for the Monday meetings, but I haven’t been around to take him up on it. If I get the chance in the next few days, I’ll post another update. I’m also hopeful that the FDW site will have some new info sometime this week.

Going forward (in case you’d like to look back at the play by play), there will be minutes posted from the last few official and semi-official spring meetings, as well as the letter planning and writing process, as soon as the FC has a chance to meet and approve them. I’ll make sure there’s a front page post when those go up.

3) Coming Down the Pike: The Grand Unification Plan: So after the last update, I had two significant conversations with people who have different jobs, but are definitely in the know about what plans are being made over at 226 West Jackson, and both of them said the same thing–what’s coming is a move toward ONENESS.

Apparently there was a big budget meeting in late May, attended by all the muckety-mucks from the Chancellor down to the newest Deans (must have been a giant room!), where it was made clear that the theme going forward would be ONENESS. As in one big, giant college. One transcript, one graduation, one name, seven campuses. What’s that you say? We are seven individually accredited colleges with a single unified administration that was originally created to simplify funding and other political sorts of issues? Yes, I know.

It is that model which is being abandoned, and our new leadership has taken up the unification banner.Within two weeks I heard five different people allude to Miami-Dade as the new model for us, and PIMA was mentioned twice. Both are large, successful and UNIFIED, multi-campus models.

There will be more talk of this, no doubt, during FDW week (it is my understanding that we will get the pitch then). John W seemed very confident at the meeting we had with him that this new unification move would not affect the Credit side of the house very much (and so not affect HW very much), and, though I trust him immeasurably, I wonder and worry about unintended consequences. In the meantime, I am reading The Federalist Papers and de Toqueville to brush up on the arguments for and against centralization of the sort being pursued by our new administrative team.

I don’t honestly think it will be anything we can argue or affect in any significant way, based on the Chancellor’s remarks at her last press conference and the memo that accompanied it (you’ll want to read it at least for the preview of the jargon in play, insert Orwell reference here), not to mention the Mayor’s Office Press Release. This unification plan has the look of a fait accompli. The budget is the ultimate hammer, and it will shape the rest of the system. If you’d like to try to have some say, you might want to show up at the public meetings about the budget (Monday, 9am @ Malcolm X; Monday, 6pm @ Olive Harvey; Tuesday, 6pm @ Truman; Thursday, 9am @ District (226 W. Jackson, Room 300).

I don’t believe I’ll be able to make any of those hearings as of right now, but I’d love to hear a report on one or more from anyone who goes. Other than the snarky Orwell reference in the sentence above, I am sincerely committed to NOT simply rejecting the plan because it involves change. I definitely want to hear more about it, and I’m definitely not of the opinion that nothing can go wrong, but I’m not sure it makes great sense to have seven different sets of everything either. I hope that you will be as vocal and participatory in the discussions and debates on these topics as you were last spring. I look forward to having my mind changed by your brilliance multiple times in the course of the conversation.

I’m also hoping that we’ll get a powerful and persuasive pitch that exemplifies data-based decision making somewhere along the way during FDW, and I’m equally hopeful that we’ll hear from our union as to what their take on the rapidly progressing changes is. I am, perhaps to a fault, an optimist.

Enjoy your week. See you on Lake Street next Monday.