On Writing

This article from The Chronicle might be useful to you or your students. From the article:

Four years ago, I wrote an essay for The Chronicle Review cataloging “The Seven Deadly Sins of Student Writers“—the errors and infelicities that cropped up most frequently in my students’ work. Since then a whole new strain of bad writing has come to the fore, not only in student work but also on the Internet, that unparalleled source for assessing the state of the language.

The author then goes on to show and explain 11 common writing “mistakes.” Definitely worth reading.

(And there is no need to tell me how many of these I break on a near-daily basis, especially in regard to commas. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, “If I had more time, my postings would be shorter (and grammatically sounder,” (unless that isn’t a word)). I make no apologies for my comma splices (except to Willard).)

Also, while we’re talking about writing, don’t forget this from Sarah Liston:

[The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Committee’s first [spring] meeting is on Thursday, February 3rd at 2:00pm in room 1046.  A secondary meeting on Monday, February 7th (also at 2:00pm in room 1046) is also scheduled for those that are interested in the committee but could not attend the first meeting on Thursday…
The committee should be made up of faculty across disciplines (and the more diverse the disciplines the better for this committee) and in part, it will develop ideas to keep faculty involved and excited about the prospects of the Writing Across the Curriculum program, will discuss the challenges of WAC both for students and faculty (since it is not a ‘one size fits all’ type of plan for any college), and will discuss WAC research to see how it fits into our identity.
If you have any questions send Sarah an email or get her on the horn (x5894).