Class Conversation Topic: Occupy Wall Street

So are you talking about it yet? Are your students?

There’s some great stuff trickling out about it and some fascinating looks at what it is (or is purported to be) all about.

For example, here is a site showing, by turns, stunning, poignant, and funny portraits of protesters. This is the analysis of one philosopher, and here is an article from The Chronicle aimed at providing some background. Along those lines is this timeline of the “movement” from Slate, and I’m sure y’all have read much, much more.

Post any other good stuff you’ve seen about it in the comments, as well as any commentary you’re getting from your students. They are almost certainly in the 99%, but I haven’t seen (nor heard) much in the way of discussion about any of it.

Maybe it’s a Midwestern thing…

UPDATE: A prescient reader sent me THIS on Tuesday after I’d written the post, but before it has posted. Of it, he said, “It brings out the hippie in me.” I haven’t read it yet, but with a description like that, it just has to be good…