Don’t Forget: Erasing the Distance Performance on Wednesday

I saw this last year, and it was impressive. Better yet, it came up in two different classroom discussions from students who found it moving and thought provoking.

Tomorrow on campus, downstairs (sponsored by the Wellness Center):

Erasing the Distance Theater Company comes to Harold Washington College to present real stories of four college students who have experienced mental illness.

Wednesday, March 13, 12:00 – 1:15, Room 103

Please encourage your students to attend and consider offering students extra credit for attending.

Wellness Center staff will provide your students a receipt to verify attendance. Following the presentation, trained ETD staff will lead an audience discussion.

ETD has won critical acclaim for theater productions that shed light on mental illness and stigma. Their work is highly educational, thought provoking, and tailored for integration into course curricula, especially for the social sciences, social work and human development, and courses that nurture critical thinking and writing about issues that span multiple disciplines.

For more information or to reserve a block of seats for your class, please contact Michael Russell, Wellness Center Manager, at

To learn more about ETD, go to:

Website Wednesday

Have you seen what Michael Russell and his cohort of Wellness Center managers and interns are up to at the Wellness Center Website?

You should.

And you should let your students know about it, too.

They’re posting stuff like time management tips, and other fun stuff, serious stuff, interesting stuff, useful stuff, relaxing stuff. It’s good stuff.  And they’re taking suggestions, too.

I’ve put the link in the blogroll so you can get there easily. And if you see Michael, let him know what you think of it. Personally, I can’t really believe how lucky we were (as a college and a system) to get Mike on our team. He does some amazing work.

Hope you check it out.