By The Numbers

Even with 11 days to go (including today), March is now the busiest month in the history of the Lounge in terms of traffic. So far this month, there have been 7,681 views for an average of 391 per day. That’s up from 266 per day in February, which also featured a record for busiest day (850 visits).

Two and a half months into the year, we have already had more than half the number of views that we had all of last year (2011: 19,350; 2010: 35,802).

In case you were wondering.

By the Numbers

Total Views as of Midnight tonight:     43, 422 (not including the visits of the authors)

# of Posts: 889                     # of Comments: 1695                        Busiest Day: 10/29/10 613 views

21 subscribers, and  21 comments subscribers with 63 subscriptions

Average views per day in Spring 2010: 86

Average views per day in Fall 2010: 168

Average views per day in February 2011: 194

Most Viewed Items (excluding the Home page):

1. Reinvention (Page) 536

2. The Elephant In the Lounge 386

3. Faculty Council (Page) 375

4. Chancellor’s Presentation Debrief 360

5. Faculty Development Week–Bane or Joy? You Decide! 295

6. Breaking News on the Credentials conversation 292

7. Union(s) (Page) 290

8. CAST (Page) 246

9. Chair’s Council (Page) 242

10. Curriculum Committee (Page) 200

11. Hybrid/Blended Committee (Page) 193

12. Friday Spotlight–Faculty Development Week Action 189

13. Developmental Education (Page) 188

14. DWFDW–Update 176

15. Assessment (Page) 175

16. FYI: (Sudden) Appearances 173

17. Anyone else get this invitation? 154

18. Reinvention – It has a face, sorta 153

19. A Letter about DWFDW 145

20. Highlights from the Board Report–December 145

And this will be the  last of the navel gazing, meta posts this week, I promise! There’s stuff happening out there…But first one more quick little poll that I hope that even the lurkers will participate in (it’s totally anonymous!) about who is using the site how. I have some ideas, but I wonder if they’re right. Here goes, and thanks for coming to the Lounge!