That’s right, THE NERVE! As if the last post wasn’t disturbing enough, here’s another person thinking that being an anonymous blogger is a good thing! Apparently her consciousness caught up with her and she had to come clean. Red it in this article titled School lunch blogger ‘Mrs. Q’ drops anonymity.

From the article:

Writing as “Mrs. Q,” she bought lunch each school day of 2010, photographed it, ate it and wrote about it that night under the title Fed Up With Lunch.

We all get fed up from time to time, but is it really necessary to hide behind a moniker? Is that a realistic approach to solving problems?

Now that we know who she is, I guess it’s OK to provide a link to her blog. Something to do with school lunches. Read it here.

Sorry, I can’t go on with this post. I’m very bothered by the premise.


I gotta say, I found this report disturbing when it first came out. I have nothing against Dilbert. No, what bothers me about this article titled Dilbert Creator Caught Defending Himself Anonymously on Popular Online Discussion Board is the fact that someone would have the nerve to post on a blog, ready for this, … ANONYMOUSLY!

The nerve! From the article:

… Adams copped to being “PlannedChaos,” writing, “I am Scott Adams.”  Gawker confirmed Adams’ identity with MetaFilter’s founder.

Why do people think that this is acceptable behavior? Really? Come clean dagnabit! Blogs are not mediums to hide your identity. Grow up!

The good news is that he did rectify the problem. Read his response here.

What? Did he think this would be funny?