Finals Week Diversion: For Your (Demented) Holiday Shopping Needs

Following the spirit, if not the commitment, of the Realist’s MidTerm Fun-O-Rama, I thought I’d post some silly stuff this week for your enjoyment. Send any complaints to the Realist, please. S/he is unconscionably busy this week, so s/he probably won’t see your bellyaching until January, but at least you’ll feel better.

Have you heard of Etsy? It’s a lovely little site and a great idea–a place on the Intertoobz where crafty, creative people can sell their handmade goods easily. It’s a marketplace for craftspeople and artists and craftfair shoppers who happen to be xenophobic.

Well, a friend of mine–who is a really talented artist in all sorts of media, but primarily focuses on pursemaking and also happens to be one of the top three funniest people I know (the top three have never been in the same room together so I can’t make a fair judgment)–who uses Etsy and spends a lot of time there introduced me to…(drumroll):


It’s more of a blog than a marketplace and (fair warning) the stuff on it can be downright appalling (so you might want to wait until you’re on a non-work computer), but it is HI-larious; because it’s art, I don’t think the stuff on the site would be a violation of the CCC Technology Policy, but if you’re squirrelly about that kind of thing, it’s probably best to wait–there’s some adult language and occasionally “inappropriate” pictures, etc., but mostly it is pure comedy.

When I really, really, really need to laugh, it is one of the places I know I can go and get what I need. At least, that’s my prospective.

Also, art faculty might find this useful for examples of “questionable art.” See, it DOES have something to do with teaching…

Who Doesn’t Love a Musical?

This is one of my all time favorites. I may have shot milk out of my nose the first time I saw it. I definitely snorted. Apparently there is a recruiting video from Yale that is making quite a splash–sort of High School Musical meets Glee (you can watch it by clicking here…if you do, the music starts around the 1:20 mark).

All well and good, but it’s got nothing on this performance in my estimation.