Friday Spotlight: Tony Danza?

Friday Spotlight will be a regular feature in which we highlight a member  of our HWC faculty, staff, or admin through a Q&A session. After responding, our member then has to “tag” another member of our community in order to keep the spotlight feature active. Check your CCC mailbox. You may be next!

This week…
we are placing Tony Danza in the spotlight?!?!?
[Insert sound of screeching tires]

WHAT? Really? You kiddin’ me?

Alrighty peeps, couple of reasons for doing this:

One: I’m still waiting for replies from a batch of emails that went out. I understand that we’re all a bit busy. I go nothin’ but love, respect, and patience for all the hard workin’ folks at HWC. Take your time peeps, I’ll swing the spotlight in another direction for now.

Two: I was going to give Tony his own post anyway to highlight his upcoming series on A&E titled Teach: Tony Danza. Here’s a link to an article about Tony and his new series and here’s the link to the website.

From A&E, here’s a blurb about the series which starts tonight:

“The series will look at the challenges Danza faced and the rewards he experienced as a first-year high school teacher.”

Can’t say I’ll be able to watch all of the episodes, but I do plan to check in from time to time to see if Tony is for real or if this is just another show that glamorizes the teaching experience at the expense of student learning.

Y’all have a good weekend!