Contest Alert: Guess the Time the Website Goes Live!

I just remembered, just now, while waiting for the grill to heat up, that the new HW Website was originally scheduled to go LIVE yesterday.

Wait, what? You didn’t know that we are getting a new Web site? Well maybe you’re part of the reason that we’re T Minus Zero + 21 hours and 14 minutes! Get your chair what s/he needs so they can light that candle!

More importantly, this offers us an opportunity for yet another in a long line of meaningless contests (in which, I’m 3 of 4 if my memory serves; Mathissexy got lucky once). And so here’s today’s contest question: When does the new Web site go live?

Put your answers in the comments (1 guess per person, date and time specific), and we’ll be playing “Price is Right rules” (if you’re over, you lose) until someone sees the new website live AND posts a comment saying so, thus ending the contest. Winner gets a hearty pat on the back, their choice for Monday Music, and a package  of paper to do with as they please.

I take Wednesday the 23rd at 4:18pm.

This Is Cool

If I were to start giving out awards for excellence in procrastination, this tool would earn one.

It’s also a cool thing for anyone who wants to train for the national Rock, Paper, Scissors Championship, or the mildly competitive, inveterate gamblers, the indecisive, those interested in Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy of Mind, people interested in their own predictability, computer graphics and programming, as well as other areas of interest.