Ten Business School Lies

Yesterday being labor day and all got me thinking about a piece I read last summer on the things that business graduate school graduates tend to come out believing as a result of their experience.  This article comes from Forbes Magazine. I don’t know if it’s true or not–someone who earned an MBA would have to weigh in on that, but it fits with what my MBA friends have said and with what most effective and ineffective leaders avoid/do.

I went to B-School about 10 years ago.  I remember the good times, the parties, the camaraderie.  I also remember the long hours in the library, working on team projects with other keen classmates, and the sense of accomplishment at graduation.

However, 10 years later, Business School missed out on a lot in terms of teaching me the skills needed to succeed in my career and life.

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And, for the record (and my colleagues in the business department)–I have no interest in asserting anything like the idea that business students are the ONLY graduates with misunderstandings about how things are, or even that they are the worst. I’m sure that similar lists could be built for just about every single degree category and major, including philosophy. If I ever have the time and interest, I might even build the list myself…

Unsolicited Advice

As you know, if you’ve been paying any attention, there will be a number of MAJOR events taking place in the lives of your fellow faculty members. Some are moving, some are retiring, some are getting married, some are having kids, and, undoubtedly, some are doing many important things not on that list.

So, I thought I’d post an open thread of sorts so that you people can provide those people with the wisdom of your experience (and/or snappy bits of wisdom that you’ve picked up from others along the way.

I have found that, “Don’t take any wooden nickels” works well in both literal and figurative terms for pretty much anybody about to do pretty much anything.

But if you’d like to offer anything more specific (e.g., “Parent the kid who comes out” for soon to be parents, or “Always date your spouse” for soon to be marrieds, or “Lord loves a working man” for the soon to be retired), this is just the place to do it.