Website Wednesday

In honor of the latest fiscal crisis (here is a piece on “How the Shutdown is Affecting College Students“), I turn you to the august pages of the Wall Street Journal to see what the titans of finance and industry (such a fun phrase to type) are reading about.

Education, as it turns out! Here is a whole section dedicated to the topic (albeit, under the header of “Leadership”). Dig a little and you’ll find a piece about tough teachers, and another about the importance of failure for success (which, incidentally, is the final point in a series of convincing ones that I need in order to know that Scott Adams and I live with pretty different pictures of the world, even if they slightly overlap), and a set of predictions that I hope I can find ten years from now–if I could make a bet in Vegas I would parlay them as all false. But that’s me. Time will tell.

Annoying or Helpful?

So, happy Thursday, everybody. You’ve survived (almost) the first week back from break, which means finals will be here in a blink.

Today, in the spirit of “catching up” I’m going to throw a bunch of random stuff at you that I’ve had sitting around in one place or another over the break and since that I just haven’t quite been able to get to. You’re welcome.

This first item is from the Wall Street Journal; it’s an article about famous people whose lives turned out quite well despite their having been rejected from their college of choice. As I read through it, the first time, I found myself feeling a bit aggravated and increasingly so. By the end of it, I was downright annoyed.

I’d like to know if it’s just me. Is it me?