Website Wednesday: CCC Edition

With consent from blogmaster PhiloDave, this is a special edition of Website Wednesday that will appear from time to time over the course of the semester. The focus will be our newly designed HWC website, and the CCC website in general, in an effort to give the folks at District some feedback on what we believe to be working or not working with the sites.

Where to begin? Well, a bit o’ history might be helpful. Go to this post and read all the replies to get all caught up on some initial feedback on the reinvented webpages. You’ll note that Audrey Berns, Executive Director-Web Services at CCC responded and made changes per our comments. (Thanks again, Audrey!)

Now, if you have somethin’ nice to say, let Audrey know. If you’d like to see some changes (major or just tweaks), make a comment. Anonymity encouraged. If you see some problems or concerns, say so. District, Audrey specifically, listened once and I do believe she’d listen again.

So, have at it peeps! You’ve accessed the pages. What do you think? Your students are viewing them. What have they told you? Tolle Blege!