Distinguished Professor Nominations Announcement

From our VP–pick somebody and nominate their glorious selves:

As you know, the Distinguished Professor Award is the highest honor given to a selected tenured faculty member in recognition of his/her excellence in the following categories: Teaching Excellence, Service to the Union, Service to the College, Service to the Community, and Academic Contributions.

Any full-time tenured faculty member may be nominated by his/her colleagues and will be considered for recommendation by the committee so long as the nomination packet is completed and submitted by the given deadline and addresses the stated criteria.  Per contract, the committee, by consensus, will recommend one tenured faculty member to be considered by the President.  If the recommendation is accepted, the President will recommend the tenured faculty member to the Chancellor.

Upon acceptance by the Chancellor, the tenured faculty member selected to be HWC’s 2010-2011 Distinguished Professor will receive a $5000 honorarium and will be honored at this year’s graduation ceremony.  The Distinguished Professor will also be expected to:

o Possibly speak at the graduation

o Submit

§ A photo

§ A 1-page biographical statement

§ A 1-page statement of educational philosophy

o Attend the Excellence Awards Luncheon

o Speak at the Union banquet

Colleagues, we encourage you to assist us in identifying this year’s recipient of our college’s highest honor for tenured faculty, the lifeblood of our institution.  Nominations will be due by March 17, 2011 at 5:00 PM.

Please submit nomination packets to George Bickford, Assistant Dean of Instruction, in Room 1149.

With warmest regards,

The 2010-2011 Distinguished Professor Award Committee

2 thoughts on “Distinguished Professor Nominations Announcement

  1. Well…even if students were to know about it and were told to weigh in with their nominations…would a Professor be recognized for their efforts? If she/he did an open book exam, then yes.

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