Happy Halloween

And in the hopes of putting off tricks and giving away a treat, I offer you THIS tremendous bit of tremendousness for your amusement, at least until people can take and post pictures of students and faculty in costume.

(Either post them in the comments if you can figure out how or send them to me (or another editor) and we’ll put them up here. Make sure you have permission, though…)

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

    • Ha! That’s a good post–that’s actually the one I read that GOT me to the one I put up. I almost posted it, too, but didn’t.

      Glad you did.

      It’s also timely…

  1. To quote or paraphrase a reply (from hellokitty, I believe), “Y’all are too funny!”
    Enjoyed the funny sh*t about Fall and Indiana Jones. (The latter reminded me of Hemingway being a bad author ’cause Word would find so many grammatical errors.)
    Don’t ask me why it makes me laugh. Dark or raw humor I s’ppose?

    Perhaps an end-of-semester post along the lines of these two would be appropriate.
    Makes me think we’d need one for midterms too.

    No precedent has been set for that f*ckin’ language on The Lounge, so perhaps linking to other blogs is the way to go.

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