Monday Music

Well, just like every semester, that was a little more brutal (and took a lot longer) than I imagined at the beginning of the semester (at the beginning of last week!). Anyway, the grading is done, along with most of the ancillary work except a few odds and ends, and, while there’s much to say about all of it, this song mostly captures how I feel about most of it:

Sometimes I think that the best thing that could happen in the last week is a series of mutual apologies–faculty to students, students to faculty, administrators to everyone, everyone to their children. A national apology week. Somebody get on that.

As promised last week (with apologies to the Realist for the interruption–by the way Realist,  Clarence Carter’s “Back Door Santa” is a clear #1 , though I’d settle for Charles Brown or William Bell), look for some posts this week on “What you can do over the break” before I take my own break for awhile. I’d better not see any Pat Boone, though…

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