President Martyn Responds to (Negative Articles) in Crain’s and Sun-Times

In your email is an interesting response to this article in Crain’s and this article in the Sun-Times (also sent out over the Google list-serv on Sunday morning (thanks, Carrie!).

The response begins:


I wanted to share this message regarding some recent media coverage of City Colleges and am happy to help answer any further questions you may have.

City Colleges of Chicago has been the subject of some negative media coverage in recent days, and I want to provide context for these stories, which make false accusations, mischaracterize our record and do a disservice to the efforts of everyone at CCC to empower our students for success.

And it ends with this gem, a point with which I whole-heartedly agree (and which seems to be offered without irony):

When others paint a biased and incomplete portrait of all of our contributions, it is critical to state the facts clearly so that everyone at CCC and all of Chicago can continue to rightfully take pride in the great endeavor in which we are involved.

I’ll leave you to do your own analysis and evaluation of the response in relation to the original articles. My question is a different one–did all seven President’s send out the same response? Anybody out there know if the other President’s sent out the same text?

12 thoughts on “President Martyn Responds to (Negative Articles) in Crain’s and Sun-Times

  1. Yes, I can confirm that this letter was written by District. All seven colleges have, or will, receive identical letters. It cannot be used as a testament of any one president’s own views.

    • I think this is called damage control. It’s offensive that they think we are not dumb enough to buy into this.

  2. I have seen that the exact same email went to 5/7 colleges. Waiting to hear from OHC and MXC.

    • And the comments on the Crain’s article are uncommonly cogent for internet comments on an article–well worth reading.

  3. Do we simultaneously note that the upcoming Town Hall meeting has been moved from the very public 102/103 to the more ivory towered 1115?

  4. The move to 1115 is due to the Loop Players having reserved room 103, and Margie honoring our reservation which was made last spring. We are constructing our scenery, and only have 2 weeks to mount the show, so we need the space.

  5. I can confirm that we received the exact same e-mail from President Potash here at Wright College.

  6. It’s somewhat reaffirming (albeit disturbing) to get a confirmation of your suspicions – that email didn’t sound like Margie at all!

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