Chancellor Hyman’s got heart and soul

I interrupt our holiday movie fest to bring you the Chancellor Hyman piece that aired last week on WLS-TV. I guess it’s only fitting that she visits The Lounge on the same day she is scheduled to visit the college. Make sure you catch her  closing statement (or at least the one WLS selected).

3 thoughts on “Chancellor Hyman’s got heart and soul

  1. Couldn’t bear to watch this, but took your advice and skipped to the end and OMG… produce a lot of Cheryl Hyman’s in this world?

  2. I didn’t know what to make of it either. This is why I stated that it could be an edit on the part of WLS to finish the segment on a hopeful high. Maybe the Chancellor wanted this portion cut from the piece but had no say in the matter. Hard to tell. Still, it made it into the segment. Read it any way you like. I’ll try to remain optomistico and assume the she wants all students to succeed even if their current situation is similar to hers when she attended CCC.
    Thanks for watching.
    As of now (per YouTube stats), the first Chancellor piece from WGN has 91 views and this one from WLS has 26.

    • Philodave thinks he knows what she meant, but more important to PhiloDave is the extraordinary tickle that PhiloDave gets from people referring to themselves in the third person.

      It never fails to make PhiloDave laugh a little. At least on the inside.

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