Tabula Rasa Sunday

The summer break is officially over startin’ tomorrow. So says the contract. The new contract.

Me, I’m gonna keep squeazin’ more summer activities into September and October (to make up for April and May).

Care to reflect on what you did/accomplished since classes let out in May? Seems like more than three months ago, right?

Did you do some travelin’ or stayed home and watched your garden grow?

Saw some old friends? Made some new ones?

Broke from your summer routine? Started a new one?

Lookin’ forward to the start of the Fall semester?

Got some new ideas you want to try out in your classroom?

Decided you’ll post more than just your syllabus on Blackboard?

Introducing a new text or book in a class? Thinkin’ about Kamran’s games for your class?


Have your say…

Thoughtful Tuesday

This may be the last, or next to last thoughtful Tuesday question for the summer, so I’ll try to make it count.

You may provide literal, metaphorical, whimsical, or philosophical answers to the following question:

What in the name of academic integrity does it mean to think outside the box?

For a bit of history on the phrase, go here. To quote the opening line from the web page:

‘Think outside the box’ originated in the USA in the late 1960s/early 1970s. It has become something of a cliche, especially in the business world, where ‘thinking outside the box’ has become so hackeyed as to be rather meaningless.

I hesitate to use the phrase for the simple reason that it has become a cliche in my book.

Your thoughts?

Que$tion about the $pecial Announce

You’ve gotten the email and perhaps some colorful sheets in the mail detailing the payroll changes to be made. I feel like I gots no voice in the matter, even though it is my paycheck. Very kind of CCC to “advance” me some of my earned cash, but then I’m out when it comes time to get my last paycheck ’cause of the “advancement.” Yes, I can opt out. Thanks for the options that make it appear as if I have a choice to make. Can I get some more time to weigh my options? What’s the rush to do it this month? Why not next year so I have time to build-up some reserves in my mattress?

All these questions are too little, too late. But her’s one that may not be: Should I grieve this payroll change?


Thoughtful Tuesday

Colleagues have confirmed that, yes, last week was the final week of the summer session.

With that in mind, I offer the following thoughtful question(s) of the day:

What do you like the most about teaching during the summer session compared to the Fall and Spring semesters?

What do you like the least about teaching during the summer session compared to the Fall and Spring semesters?

You are free to answer one or both if at any point in your career you’ve taught during the summer; it don’t necessarily have to be this past summer.

Stay cool peeps! (warm weather is making a comeback!)