Over the Transom

A few suggestions from regular readers flew in  “over the transom” as they used to say in publishing circles (at least those in old buildings with transoms):

From Rock’inthashoe: A piece from Truthout.org about what Jill Biden ought to be saying about Community Colleges.

From Assessment Chair Michael Heathfield: An article from Salon that takes a look at Michelle Rhee, business oriented educational reform, perverted incentives, and gives a thorough scolding to just about everyone, including national media (but not, for once, the teachers!).

From Don’s Desk: More good stuff at the President’s Blog, including this interesting research about the effectiveness of lecture for learning (as measured by standardized tests), and an interesting question for those of us committed to active learning techniques. (If I were forced to pose an hypothesis about they whys and wherefores of the research, I’d point to the effectiveness of the technique for that particular measure (tests) and suggest that maybe much that is valuable about the learning (and ancillary benefits–curiosity cultivation/reinforcement, independence, process awareness, etc.) that occurs as a result of other sorts of teaching strategies is missed by that particular measure. I don’t think that most of us would say that lecturing is bad or ineffective, but rather that it is one way, among others, to help students learn and that lecturing is most effective when students have well developed academic and cognitive skills and habits (e.g., note-taking, critical awareness, metacognition) that are better developed through technique rehearsal in structured activities. But that’s me. Maybe you have a different solution? Post it there. And be sure to check out the link on quantum teleportation, too. We live in a miraculous time…

And don’t miss the great stuff that Avramakis has been posting (like this and this and this); thanks, Avramakis!

And there was this one from PEARL, too, on Academic Freedom.


4 thoughts on “Over the Transom

  1. This one looks like a good read:
    The Dismal Science: How Thinking Like an Economist Undermines Community
    I second the thanks to Avramakis.

  2. Several people have not able to get on the President’s blog. What’s up? And no, it’s not just the technologically challenged. 🙂

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