Notice about the Grade Submission Due Date and Adjuncts

On Saturday morning, many of us received the e-mail, and subsequently saw the news here, that grades were due for submission on May 18. However, I have learned that some faculty never received the e-mail. As far as I can tell, full-time faculty received the e-mail and part-time faculty did not. I only discovered this because my part-time office mate was complaining today about how we still didn’t know when the grade submission due date is. Obviously, this caught me by surprise.

Not everyone reads this blog on a regular basis. It may not be a bad idea to send an e-mail to the part-time faculty in your departments in case they haven’t received the news.

2 thoughts on “Notice about the Grade Submission Due Date and Adjuncts

  1. I was just informed by a veteran adjunct that she had received the e-mail, so fortunately it is not a universal problem.

    • I also heard from several English part-timers that they too received the email. Always good to spread the word though, Heraclitus–thanks.

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