Check Out Truman’s First Week Events

So last week I was wondering what the schedules looked like for local faculty development activities at the other colleges, and Don was kind enough to forward Truman’s, which he had received from President Reagan (sorry, couldn’t help it). It was filled with so many great learning opportunities that I thought it might serve as food for thought as people reflect and debrief on this year’s events and what they might like to do or see for future professional development activities.

So, I wrote to Dr. Pervez Rahman, Truman’s VP and asked for permission to share it with the world, and he was kind enough to agree, writing:

The development of the schedule was the collaborative effort of faculty and administration. I provided the administrative input and Joy Walker, chair of the Physical Science department, led on the faculty side. Also included on the committee were Professor Elia Lopez (Humanities/Art/Foreign Languages), Professor LaSandra Skinner (Business/CIS), and Professor Michael Swisher (Humanities/Art/Foreign Languages).

One and all did really impressive work, I think. Take a look at it HERE.

And congratulations to the Truman faculty and administration on what looks like a set of learning opportunities with huge potential to impact student learning through faculty education.

PS: If you haven’t been there in a while, the Truman Lounge has a new, crisp look and appears to be live again. Give them some virtual love if you get the chance…

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