Concerned about FC voting

With all due respect to our current faculty council, I know the ballots have been distributed, and I know I need to cast my vote by Monday. However, I am concerned about the process because…  IF I am one of the new 10 faculty members and I am being asked to cast a vote for a faculty representative AND I do not know any of these candidates (’cause they ain’t on my floor and I just started workin’ here 7 weeks ago), how do I vote? I am either making an educated guess about a candidate OR I’m thinking “eenie, meenie, minie, mo, if that’s the way it’s got to go.”

Ditto if I’m a recently tenured faculty member; three portfolios later and I may still not know a single candidate.

Ditto if I’m a full tenured faculty member; one, or two DEC reviews later and I may not know all the candidates.

Seriously, I do not fault our current faculty council members for following the norm when it comes to distributing ballots; but given that we have this blog, I invite all of the nominated candidates to share a few words over the weekend so that ALL faculty members can make an informed decision (if you have not done so already).
I’ll even throw out a question for all our nominees (kinda like the political debates on TV-just call me the moderator):

What thoughts ran through your head when you accepted the nomination to serve on our faculty council?

You can answer the question or use it as a starting point. You have the floor, candidates…

3 thoughts on “Concerned about FC voting

  1. Wow Thank you Realist! I would love to share a few thoughts of your request.

    I’ll just start by introducing myself… My Name is Jess Bader and I am an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of 3D in the Department of Art & Architecture. I first joined the HWC family in 2000 as a part-time instructor, fresh out of grad school from SAIC, and quickly learned I really loved our school. I was invited to be full-time in 2003 and have happily served our students to date and wish to do so for a very long time.

    I currently serve on the Space Committee, Art/Arch Strategic Planning Committee, and the current search committee for a new full-time photo instructor. I participate in Art/Arch Dept. meetings, and am working with the Pathway/Transfer initiative.

    On a personal note I try to create my own person art works in clay and continue my practice within the ceramics community. I just bought an old house about a year ago, that I really love, and am trying to restore it to its original beauty. Ah yes, a functional work of art. I am an active member on the board of the South East Humboldt Park Block Club in an effort to revitalize our neighborhood.

    Hhhmmmmm… What went through my mind when I learned I was nominated? I had a mad dash of adrenaline! Lol… Well, I thanked the guy who nominated me and was really honored by the thought that my good colleague thinks I would do a good job on the council. I think the caliber of our current Faculty Council is impeccable and inspiring. I would proudly serve with this forum if elected.

    As an aside I think it was about a week or so before I learned of my nomination I was thinking to myself how great of a job these individuals on the council have done and continue to do. I think this group has done an incredible job in identifying and addressing what is at the forefront of current issues that encompass faculty.

    Alrighty then! Well I have to run here we have a walk the block thing in my neighborhood in minute here so… I hope this has shed some light on the mysterious Jess Bader. lol Sorry if this got a little lengthy – opps! Please feel free to ask me any questions I will do my best to answer them.

    Thanks and enjoy this beautiful weather!!!!

    • Thank you Jess. I’m leaning towards a check mark in your box when I cast my vote. If I do not hear from other candidates, perhaps yours is the only name I’ll submit.
      Again, thank you for your comment. It is very helpful!

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