Peter Bernardini

Dear Colleagues,

This wonderful young man worked in the Disability Access Center at Harold Washington for many years, before recently leaving to pursue greater plans. He was also a student here, taking classes periodically from the Fall of 2003 through the Spring of 2012. You may have also seen him walking through the halls with a smile on his face and a warm “hello” to everyone he passed.

On August 14th, on his way to a new life in Portland, Peter’s car was rear-ended by a semi. He is on life support in Wyoming. His family is asking for prayers and positive thoughts for Peter.

A webpage has been set up in case you would like to make a donation to support his family as they have traveled to be by his side. Faculty Council members will also be collecting cash donations and sending your well wishes along to his family.


Thank you,

The Faculty Council

Theresa Carlton (Math/CIS)
Jessica Bader (Art/Architecture)
Molly Turner (English)
Jennifer Armendarez (Speech)
Chao Lu (Math)
Kamran Swanson (Humanities)
Michal Eskayo (ELL)

5 thoughts on “Peter Bernardini

  1. I cannot believe this is happening to Peter. He was my student in Fine Arts 104 about 8 or 9 years ago; one of those you wish to have every semester in your class. That semester was born his beloved nephew, and he shared his happiness with me. After that I saw him working at DAC, and was always available to help me with any student as needed. In summary, Peter is and has always been a very special person to all of those who met him. I have no other words to describe him, but a great human being always with a big smile (a reflection of his soul). Thanks for publishing this HWFC.

  2. My name is Amanda Herrera and I am Peter’s cousin. On behalf of my amazing Aunt and Uncle and Peter’s entire family I want to thank you for putting this news on your website. While it is devastating to hear we need all the prayers and positive energy we can get right now for our sweet dear Peter!! We are patiently waiting for our miracle. Thank you again, so very much! #pray4pjb

  3. It is with great sadness and pain that I write this. Peter was and is truly one of the best human beings that I have ever known. I met him almost ten years ago when we were both involved in a Loop Players production. His warm demeanor and kind smile drew me in, and I often found myself confiding in him. He always made me feel so much better about myself as a person. Aside from that, he was such a talented actor! Peter was truly someone from another era: very dapper, compassionate, kind, charismatic, and just a genuine person. I do not understand why God had to take someone like him. I only know that this world has lost someone so very special and I am truly grieving his loss. Please rest in peace, Peter. I love you, and thank you for always being so kind to me.
    Jacquelyn Haas

  4. Dear Friends and Colleagues of Peter,
    My name is Michelle Tesoro, and I am one of Peter’s best friends. We held a wonderful memorial celebration on his birthday, January 3rd 2015, and perhaps some of you were present. I’d like to share with you the link to his tribute video presented at the memorial, with the hope it will help those who loved him remember all he had to offer the world:
    Thank you for your kind words about Peter.

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