New Contest: Makin’ Copies!

After eeking out a victory over Marta (beginner’s luck!) in the NFL Picking Contest and dominating the Provost Blog Resurrection Contest (no one else even guessed!–no need to discuss the Web Site Going Live Contest since someone else won that one (lucky!)), I’ve been itchy all week for a new chance to prognosticate. Lucky for me, regular reader and all around awesome person, Michal Eskayo came through, asking:

How about a new poll. When will we get copies and be able to copy, and when will classrooms get white boards.

I would also like to request a seminar in the new pedagogical trends in teaching without any boards or copies.

Her request came right on the heels of my own discovery that my copy code was still “out” (which is not at all unusual, in general, but atypical for January) and a brief departmental discussion about if/when the new magic COPY SOLUTION MACHINES (it copies, it scans, it toasts bread!) would be arriving. According to our November 10th email:

The full deployment of the new copying, printing and scanning devices will be completed by January 1, 2012 with minimum disruption of college services and functions.

But, clearly that hasn’t happened unless the copiers look exactly the same. We don’t have the same board troubles on the 10th floor (knock on wood), so I couldn’t really do anything with that. I was stuck. I couldn’t figure out how to make it into a contest since the rollout would likely be staggered and it would be hard to tell when the full deployment completed, and then Michal’s email rolled in and it hit me. So the new question is this:

When will the World Languages/ELL department have their new copier AND the ability to copy on it?

I pick 10am on February 14th because I love that department and hope they get their copier as a Valentine’s Day gift from Xerox.

Put your pick in the comments. Price Is Right rules (closest without going over). Winner gets to brag a bit.

And if you have any ideas about those Boardless/Copyless teaching tricks for English Language Learners, you can post those, too.



2 thoughts on “New Contest: Makin’ Copies!

  1. Awwwwwwww….gushing over the love!

    I’ll say February 21 for copies…..In the meantime… technology here we come! Classroom materials required…….iphone, driod, Blackberry with data, Blackboard app., etc. etc. Can’t afford it? We’ll text u the lesson! Can’t afford a phone? How about an ipad? No? Aw…….access u say? Digital divide? hmmmmmnnnnnnnn……..

  2. The English Dept. appears to have a fancy new copier sitting in the corner …people have begun to stack things on top if it…I suppose that could be our lovely new piece – maybe we should vote on when they will actually be active and usable?

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