“…Chicago City Colleges cutting some costs…”

If you’ve not seen it in print or online via this Tribune.com link, here it is:

CHICAGO (AP) — Mayor Richard Daley says the seven Chicago City Colleges are cutting some costs to help pump more money into technology and training for the system’s 115,000 students. The changes include laying off 225 non-teaching employees and eliminating 86 unfilled jobs.

Sadly, I was unable to confirm or obtain details via our own ccc.edu site.

Can someone elaborate?


Bueller… Bueller?

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Did you see this CCC email?

This email came to my attention so I thought I’d share. You’re welcome… anytime.

It’s a straight copy-and-paste (no changes to the formatting either) from an email dated June 30, 2010 that went out to our student body:

This message was authorized by Angela Henderson,Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs, Planning & Research.
Beginning Fall Term, students at the City Colleges of Chicago will be using Google Gmail as their new CCC Student Email.

Students’ email addresses and passwords to login to Student  Gmail will remain the same, as will the website address of their email server: http://student.ccc.edu.

Gmail provides many new benefits, including:

– Increased Mailbox Limit to 7GB
– Increased Attachment Size Limit to 25MB
– Improved anti-spam and anti-virus protection
– Access to other Google Applications: Docs, Chat and Google Sites

The conversion to Student Gmail will begin August 2nd and by August 7th, all student email messages will be migrated to each student’s Gmail account.

This Summer, District OIT will host workshops about how instructors can use Google Apps for such applications as student-to-student collaboration and student e-portfolios. For more information about using Google Apps for Education, watch this Google webinar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ksK2uzDW-4

If you have questions about Gmail, please send an email to StudentEmailSupport@ccc.edu.

Sose I’m waiting for faculty to be contacted by District OIT to learn “about how instructors can use Google Apps for such applications as student-to-student collaboration and student e-portfolios.” I’ve watched the video. There’s some pros and cons here.

I just have a couple of questions:
1. Any faculty out their have multiple students collaborating on one written assignment?
2. Will I be required to post my syllabus here too?